Privacy Policy

The privacy policy is intended to address the way that our website collects and shares information about our website’s users. It covers the way that advertisements are operated and how your information is collected for third parties. If the privacy policy changes, we will do our best to update you about the new policies. Any accounts that are opened with our site will be covered through the privacy policy, and other privacy disclosures may be provided. All security rules listed in this policy will be applied to relevant affiliates and other groups as listed.

How Information Is Gathered and Used

Each time you visit our website, certain pieces of information may be collected. This may be done through forms, surveys or other online fields to improve your user experience. At times, we may collect data about your browsing history and recent transactions. Information like the pages that you have visited, technical data and personal details may be collected. Personal information includes details that may be identifiable that could include your name, IP address or other details.

Aggregated data is used to figure out the sources of our Web traffic and to improve our business model. When information is aggregated, it does not personally identify individual users. Instead, it is used for research, marketing and forecasting purposes to improve our services. All of our data collection is done in line with applicable laws and the purposes explicitly or implicitly stated in the privacy policy.

Third-Party Advertising

If you are contracting us for specific services or products, third parties may be involved to process payments or for list generation. When information is required for these services to be performed, it is given to the third-party provider. We typically use third-party companies to create and serve advertisements on your site. Through these third parties, data may be collected and used about your visit.

Third-party businesses may use aggregated data to make sure that our advertisements are relevant. They are given aggregated information that does not include identifiable details like your name, telephone number, email address or physical address. The information that is collected is used to personalize your experience and provide you with advertisements about relevant goods or services.

Using Cookies

Cookies are designed to track your browsing information and customize your user experience. This data collection tool stores information about your visit on your computer to be used in the future. Our website, third-party providers and advertising companies may use cookies or similar techniques to store information on your hard drive. This is done to personalize your experience and improve your ability to navigate the website.

When you visit our website, our cookies are installed to remember who you are and the type of information that you need. Through this information, we can recommend the products and services that best suit your interests. When an account is created with our site, we use your personal browsing history to customize your experience. If you do not currently have an account with our site, you can delete the cookies and your information will not be stored. The cookies can be disabled or deleted through the instructions on your browser.

IP Addresses

An IP address is a number that is given to a computer, mobile device or Internet accessing network. When you visit our site, your IP address is stored in the website’s log. The IP address helps us to aggregate information, run our website and track visits to our pages. Although the IP address does not show your personal information, it may be included when you leave a message in the forums.

How Our Planning Tools Work

Visitors to our site may use planning tools for financial tasks like getting a mortgage, finding a savings account or planning for retirement. These planning tools may store information so that you can easily access the data in the future. When your information is about to be stored, we will inform you so that you can choose not to save these details.


Our website runs advertisements through third-party providers. These providers are not affiliated with our company, and they may use cookies to track your personal details. The cookies may look at the number of referrals from search engines, Web traffic, browsing patterns and advertising responses. Through your browser, you can opt out of using these cookies if you wish.

Online Surveys and Similar Applications

Occasionally, you may be asked to complete a survey on our site. You do not have to do the survey, but the information gathered will help us to customize the services offered to you. Through the surveys, we can update your account and provide the services that you need.

The Use and Sharing of Information

We may need to provide your information to third parties like government agencies, insurance companies, legal investigations, retailers and services providers. This will be done according to all applicable laws, and it will be done according to the terms of the privacy policy.

Social Media

To enhance your user experience, our website operates social media platforms. These accounts allow us to connect directly with users and share relevant pictures, articles and information. Whenever content is posted, the images, pictures and personal information shared will be done according to the privacy policies of the social media sites. To better understand how your information is used or stored on social media, please consult with the policies of the social media website involved.

Accuracy of Information

Account information needs to be regularly updated by the user so that it is accurate. When your account information needs to be completed or updated, you can use our contact page to let us know about any changes. Once we have this information, we can update account statements, materials and records.

Links to Other Websites

To improve your experience, we may provide links to other websites for information or other purposes. The other websites are not controlled or managed by our company, so you will need to read through their individual privacy policies. We cannot guarantee that the websites will protect your privacy or security, and our site is not responsible for the security offered by other websites.

Children and the Privacy Policy

Our website is not intended to be used by children younger than 13 years old. Some of the material and information may not be appropriate for children, so please monitor your child’s use of the Internet. We target our website toward adults, so features like the bulletin boards are not suitable for younger users. We encourage every parent to discuss online safety with their children and to monitor their online interactions.

Ownership Changes

In the future, it is possible that another business or company may buy assets in our website. When this occurs, we reserve the right to transfer personal information and other data to the new website owners. We will do our best to ensure that your data is protected throughout any transition. For future ownership changes or updates, you should regularly check the privacy policy.

Customized Services

Advertising is targeted at specific users through the information that we collect. Through this process, we are able to make sure that each service, advertisement and product is customized to meet your needs. In addition, some of the information that we collect may be used to customize features of the website.